Tamara Rojo – Isadora – part 1

Spontaneous with delightful sensual abandon is this solo, called “In the Manner of Isadora Duncan” to Five Brahms waltzes. It is performed here by a principal of England’s Royal Ballet, Tamara Rojo for a special event as a tribute to Sir Fredrick Ashton one of the founding choreographers for the Royal Ballet. Today he is considered as being one the major pioneers of twentieth century dance.

Ashton was inspired by Isadora Duncan, to create this solo for Canadian born ballerina of the Royal Ballet, Lynne Seymour in 1976. Seymour was famous for her sensual plasticity, musicality and great dramatic ability as a dancer, who was the perfect muse to dance/act in this likeness of Isadora Duncan.

Isadora Duncan, an American dancer 1877 – 1927, who was renown for her great sensual quality and dramatic carefree style of dance expression, was one of the great pioneers of modern dance. She was greatly instrumental in paving the way for women in particular (to remove their corsets!) to create their own voice and dance forms outside the limited structures of classical ballet and vaudville at the time. Her legacy, in part, has helped open up possibilities for everyone, which has evolved into a wealth of diversity that we experience and enjoy in contemporary dance today.

I found this video and loved it and thought the dancing and choreography, although speak of a different time and sensibility, are remarkably contemporary even today. Tamara Rojo is gorgeous, especially with her wavy red hair and he pink tunic. She is very expressive and dances the likeness of Isadora Duncan with great feeling, joy and abandonment. Her interpretation is more contemporary than that of Lynne Seymour, but is just as beautiful in her own way.

There are two parts to this piece so I will be posting the second part soon.

A lovely piece…I hope you enjoy it too!


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