“I had a blue bicycle, they have my blue bicycle” by Marina Mascarell Martinez

Here is a fascinating piece choreographed by Marina Mascarell Martinez called “ I had a blue bicycle, they have my blue bicycle”.

Wow, I was transfixed by the tension in the story that began with the one dancer alone washing dishes. The tension she creates along with the score as her movements become more and more frantic are suddenly cut short by the stealthy appearance of the second dancer.

The tension builds between them as they weave and in and out of a painful and struggling dynamic which takes on greater magnitude with the arrival of the third dancer.

They stand off in a brilliant triangle where the tension seems cut and defined and I love how the focus changes between them as the triangle moves counter and clockwise. I wonder who is who and at the dynamic shifts in power as they scramble it out to the sad end.

The choreography is clean and clever and I love the interplay between the pauses and rushes of movement. Thought provoking and beautiful!

Take a look and would love to hear your thoughts!



  1. Norman says:

    The choreography is clever and I love how the focus changes. I agree it is thought provoking and beautiful!


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