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  • A Choreographic Offering

    A Choreographic Offering

    Energetic with great feeling abound through time in these clips from Jose Limon’s ballet, A Choreographic Offering, created in 1964. The music is Johann Sebastion Bach. The ballet was created as a tribute to his mentor, Doris Humphry. The piece is based on his adaptation of movement’s, variations, paraphrases and motifs from Humphry’s own dances. Jose Limon was one of the great pioneers of Modern Dance. He was born in Mexico and moved with his family to the United States/California [...]

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  • Folding excerpt – Shen Wei Dance Arts

    Folding excerpt – Shen Wei Dance Arts

    Visually striking these images are from a work choreographed and designed by American Chinese choreographer, Shen Wei. These excerpts are taken from a full work danced by the Shen Wei Dance Arts company that is based in New York. The music is a mix of traditional Tibetan Buddhist Mahakala chants with the celestial harmonies of John Taverner. A note of interest is that Shen Wei was the choreographer for the opening ceremonies for the Olympics in Beijing in 2008. Shen [...]

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  • Diana Vishneva – Beauty in motion F.L.O.W

    Diana Vishneva – Beauty in motion F.L.O.W

    Breathtaking and stunningly beautiful, this solo is danced by the Russian ballerina, Diana Vishneva. This solo is the second section out of a three part work called Picarte, which was initially called F.L.O.W. (For the Love of Women). It was choreographed for her by Moses Pendleton who was inspired for this piece by three artists; Picasso, Caravaggio and Erte. Thus he combined their names to create the new title Picate. Pendleton, a former member of Pilobolus Dance Company, is the [...]

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  • LaLaLa Human Steps – Velazquez’s Little Museum 2/6

    LaLaLa Human Steps – Velazquez’s Little Museum 2/6

    This video is part 2/6 of the film featuring Eduard Lock’s choreography in Velazquez’s Little Museum. This video includes two duets danced by dancers from LaLaLa Human Steps. Louise Le Cavalier dances in both but I don’t know the names of the other two dancers. This video shows some of my favorite scenes in the film. This section shows the young woman, danced by Louise Le Cavalier, entering the museum where we see some of Velazquez’s paintings hanging on the [...]

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  • LaLaLa Human Steps – Velazquez’s Little Museum 4/6

    LaLaLa Human Steps – Velazquez’s Little Museum 4/6

    I am posting an interesting section of the film, Valazquez’s Little Museum, choreographed by the Canadian choreographer, Edouard Lock. The dancers are members of Edouard Locks company, La La La Human Steps. They are Berner Herbert, Louise Le Cavalier, Markita Boles, Edouard Lock and Christine Tessier. Valazquez’s Little Museum, was created in 1995 and is available online in six sections. This video shows the fourth section with two dances: a pas de deux featuring Louse Le Cavalier and an ensemble [...]

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  • Precious Blood

    Precious Blood

    Powerful and full of pathos between mother and son, this duet is danced by the renown American contemporary dancer of today, Desmond Richardson and former Ailey dancer, Carmen De Lavallade. The piece is choreographed by Dwight Rhoden and the music is composed by Kevin Keller. Desmond Richardson is an amazing dancer who was a principal of the Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre company for seven years after which he danced with the Frankfurt Ballet in Germany and later as principal with [...]

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  • Tyrell Rolle Takedemi

    Tyrell Rolle Takedemi

    Clever and captivating, this performance by Tyrell Rolle of the Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre, dances a solo choreographed by Robert Battle called “Takedemi”. The music features Sheila Chandra. This piece as a wonderful fusion of South Indian Kamatic rhythms, that have been “deconstructed and abstracted” into contemporary dance language. The movement is driven and shaped by the vocalized rhythmic syllables in the score. The choreography is bold, dynamic and fascinating to watch. We see Tyrell dance a mix of shapes, [...]

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  • Paul Taylor’s Esplanade – Part 5/5

    Paul Taylor’s Esplanade – Part 5/5

    Exhilarating and joyous! This video shows the last movement of Paul Taylors’ ballet, Esplanade. The music is J.S. Bach, and this section is the Concerto for 2 violins, strings and continuo in D minor, Allegro. It is danced by members of the Paul Taylor Dance Company. This piece is considered to be a classic of American dance. In this piece we see no “schooled” dance language. It was created in a time when artists like Jasper Johns were exploring “found [...]

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  • The You Show – Kidd Pivot | Crystal Pite

    The You Show – Kidd Pivot | Crystal Pite

    Riveting and intense, these performers dance with their whole bodies and show excellent use of Release, Contact and other contemporary dance techniques. This video shows clips from “The You Show” by Canadian choreographer, Crystal Pite. The music is composed by Owen Belton and performed by members of Pites’ company, Kidd Pivot. This work has me captivated with sheer fascination and amazement by the unique and fearless invention of the choreography. Crystal is such a creative talent with a powerful sense [...]

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  • Beneath


    This video shows a fascinating solo called “Beneath”, choreographed and danced by Takako Matsuda. I like this piece. It is interesting to see how Takako has interpreted this universal theme of social masks. What I see is that her gown represents a social mask or uniform. She sets us up with the expectation of dancing in this mask then strips it off to reveal the ”true” feelings and impulses that live below the surface. Her movements range from primal to [...]

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