Choreographer Hofesh Shechter

This video shows a powerful and intense piece choreographed by renowned Israeli Choreographer Hofesh Shechter who is now based with his company in London England. I don’t know the name of this work. But he composed the music himself and the dancers are members of his company.

Hofesh Shechter is an interesting choreographer because he is also a musician/composer who creates the music for all his works. He originally danced with the Batsheva Dance Company in Israel where he began to study percussion and drums. When he moved to Paris he continued studying percussion, played in a band and was also involved with various projects involving dance, theatre and body percussion. In 2002 he moved to London England and there he began his choreographic career creating a unique dance style and presentation that has brought him wide acclaim.

Shechter has created a very distinct style and movement vocabulary that is a unique fusion between contemporary dance, Israeli folk dance, which gives it distinct Middle Eastern movements in the body, and hip hop adaptations. His choreography is aggressive, contained, bold, and direct with pedestrian movements giving a sense of raw naturalness to the style; and yet it has a beautiful graceful lilt which I find pleasing and interesting when juxtaposed to the violent and aggressive actions.

The performers in this video dance with a strong, raw attack which to me creates volatile tension seething with anger and drive. I see a strong connection between the dancers giving me the impression of a gang or military like interaction, heightened by the bare misted warehouse setting.

The music is also a fusion between a rock adaptation with a strong beat, sharp electronic sounds and a Middle Eastern vocal. The music really supports the dancing and fuels the aggressive intensity until the relief at the very end. I think Shecters movement and music style is very accessible today because he uses an identifiable movement language and a rock music style. As is exemplified in this video his work is emotionally charged which, I think, speaks to many people living with the stresses of today’s world.

I am fascinated by Hofesh Shechter’s uncluttered and graceful way of moving and that he can choreograph and compose his music as well! That’s a great bonus!

This is a great piece, full of beautiful intense moments that are exciting and dramatic to watch!

A great find! Watch and share!



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