Damian Smith and Yuan Yuan Tan in Christopher Wheeldon’s After The Rain

Enjoy this gorgeous video of a beautiful and lyrical pas de deux choreographed by Christopher Wheeldon called, After the Rain. It is danced here by two principals of the San Francisco Ballet, Yuan Yuan Tan and Damian Smith. The gorgeous music is by Avro Part, Spiegel in Spiegel (Mirror in Mirror).

Chinese born Yuan Yuan Tan and Australian born Damian Smith, give a heart rendering performance of this gorgeous duet against the backdrop of the gentle hues of the setting sun and soothing waves of the sea. Tan is like a beautiful willow bending in the wind as we see her lithe body enfold into beautiful shapes and unfurl into lovely lines. Smith also has poignant moments when his hands gently wave and float down her side, and the touching moment he places his hand for her to ascend. One of the special moments for me is when she draws her hands down his face as if to remember it forever.

This piece is masterfully choreographed in its simplicity and unaffected poetic movement. It begins with the dancers standing side by side then ease into a gentle sway that builds and spills into a Zen flow that carries them to their final resting place together at the end.

Wheeldon describes his piece as a “love letter” or “poem” evoked out of the melodic lilt of the emotionally charged and simple piano and violin score. The name of the music refers to mirrors reflecting in mirrors creating a prism. And to me this prism is reflected in the dance by the myriad of emotional responses a person can experience watching it; from serenity and tenderness to loss and melancholy The overriding sense this work gives me is the loving gentleness, calm, clarity, and simple beauty that one may experience after a rain. All is peeled away to reveal the spirit of a person and the spiritual connection between the dancers.

This is beautifully danced and the movement is deeply moving. I think this piece connects us to the beauty, peace and poetry of who we really are. It is a lovely

In peace, beauty and love, please enjoy and SHARE!


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