Dance Theater of Harlem Ensemble – Fragments

This contemporary ballet in this video is called “Fragments”, choreographed by Lowell Smith and danced by members of The Dance Theatre of Harlem Ensemble. The music is by Brent Lewis.

I was immediately drawn into this piece by the interesting and clever design of the choreography. I especially enjoy the first trio who dance beautiful bold and harmonious patterns as they enfold and mold around each other in symmetrical and asymetrical harmony. The patterns vary in composition throughout the following duets and ensemble parts

Overall, the choreography emphasizes strength and control, with a strong emphasis on line and sculptural form. There is also a sense of calm “simplicity” in the apparent uncomplicated clean execution of the movement. This is created no less by the sheer strength and power of the dancers which gives the ease and calmness to the movement. They are excellent dancers and lovely to watch.

The music is percussion which gives an African context to the dan

I really like this piece I hope you do to and be sure to share it with your friends!



  1. Moveme68 says:

    Wow! Loved this one. I completely agree that the first trio was outstanding!!! Such beautiful pictures created. I felt like the ending wasn’t really a strong finish to the piece but perhaps their was more to this performance? I also loved the music but I am undecided as to whether I thought it suited the movement. Regardless it was a treat to watch!


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