Dark Matter – Dance

This is a video of an excerpt from a dance called Dark Matter – Dance, choreographed by Malia Johnston and danced by students from the New Zealand School of Dance. The music is by Eden Mulholland.

I really like this piece I think it is inventive and captivating. This section is danced by three people, in a small rectangle of lit space. They perform an intricate series of movements that seem to be parts of a machine that work together in a fascinating way.

The music is also great fun created from machine sounds such a clangs, whirrs, clips, a squeaky door opening and closing and a hammer hitting a bell. The musical motif is repeated just like a machine and the choreography seems to weave in an out of the motif of sounds. It appears to be similar but the ways in which the dancers work together is fluid in continuous and varied movement combinations, without being mechanically obvious and repetative…

The dance works and keeps one’s attention riveted.

Great Piece!

Enjoy the dance and share with your friends!


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