The Eyes’ History by Marina Mascarell Martinez

Poignant and moving describes this duet choreographed by Marina Mascarell Martinez called, The Eye’s History. It is danced by Marina Martinez and Ivan Perez. The music was recorded and mixed by Hagmen Straatman.

Marina Martinez is a Spanish choreographer who danced with both the Nederlands Dans Theatre I and II and Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet. She began her choreographic career by participating in the choreographic workshops at NDT where she was able to gain experience and develop her own voice. She has choreographed works for numerous companies including NDT I and International festival commissions. Martinez has received numerous awards for both her own performances and choreography. She is now a highly recognized independent European choreographer.

Ivan Perez is a Spanish dancer and choreographer, who also danced with the Nederlands Dans Theatre, where he launched his own choreographic career.

The synopsis of this piece in Martinez own words reads: “Ten years later he confessed what he experienced the night that changed his life forever”. She was inspired by this ambiguous and mysterious concept from Julio Cartazan’s novel, Los Premios.

What I see in this piece is an expression of this night where the man visits a woman who leads him to see and experience and enlightened moment in time. He revisits her years later and she isn’t there and in a sensitively longing way continues to relive the moment and feel her presence.

I had to post this duet because I think the concept, choreography and dancing is really beautiful. It is simple yet so touching, moving and relatable. We all have those special encounters with another person or situation that can have a big impact on our lives which we can still feel years later.

A moving duet worth seeing! Enjoy and SHARE!


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