This video shows a duet and solo from the piece called Evolution. These dances follow after an ensemble section that we showed in the previous video of the same ballet danced by the Koresh Dance Company posted on July 7, 2013. The choreography is by Ronen Koresh.

Koresh is an Israeli born dancer, choreographer and teacher whose initial dance background was founded in Yemenite Folk Dance where he danced with the Tel Aviv Folk dance group. In his late teens he became a member of the Martha Graham Betshava 2 Company. Seeking new opportunities and experiences in 1983, Koresh went to the United States to continue his dance training with the Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre and in 1984 danced professionally with the Shimon Braun Waves Jazz Company in Philadelphia.

Koresh Dance Company is an American company based in Philadelphia. Koresh, who is Artistic Director, founded his company in 1991. The company has an extensive repertoire that include many of Koresh’s own works and others created by well known choreographers such as Ohad Naharin, Robert Battle and Itzik Galili. The company has a high reputation for its excellence and commitment to enriching the artistic and cultural environment in Philadelphia and beyond. The company tours regularly nationally and internationally. Koresh is a highly respected dance instructor who is well known for reshaping dancers muscular structures and technique. Since 1993 to the present, he teaches at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

As a choreographer, Koresh is not interested in being defined by one definitive choreographic style, but is continually exploring new movement ideas and blends of dance styles. In the duet and solo from the piece, Evolution, shown in this video, we see the movement is rather meditative yet stark and minimal. What is really interesting with the duet is that it has a circular structure in how Koresh keeps brining us back to the same movement motif like a chorus in a song and builds in intensity and complexity with each “verse” in between the motif that keeps coming around. It is an interesting piece that I find quite reflective and mesmerizing to watch.

The solo is similar; minimal in space, lighting and movement structure, although it comes across with a more mechanical movement dynamic.

PLEASE NOTE: The duet begins at the beginning of the video and the solo begins at 6:58 or click on the small image below the larger one.

Click on the Image below to See the Solo

Enjoy the engaging and dynamic duet and solo by these strong dancers from the Koresh Dance
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