SwanSong – Vickie Fagan

Fun and entertaining is this short dance film we are presenting today that was created by one of Contemporary Dance Video fans, Vickie Fagan. Vickie Fagan was a dancer trained at the National Ballet School of Canada and is now working as a Canadian film maker. We are pleased to be presenting one of her shorts that is based on a popular dance theme…Swans!

The short film is called, SwanSong, a humorous account of two misplaced swans that are both curious, confused and out of place in the most unlikely contemporary places!

We see the swans confronted by odd contraptions such as stairs or confused by their image flapping in windows! And a swan caught in a dry sterile office “high tailing” a quick exit with “feathers floating in the dust”, missing a step into broken glass in a warehouse, and finally the sad demise of one “laying to rest” outside a drive through as the other swan swims away, alone, in the twilight!

This short video is made all the more humorous and sad by the hauntingly gorgeous music by Camille Saint-Saens, “The Swan”, from the Carnival of Animals famously known for its use in the dance of, The Dying Swan, by Fokine.

This is a great concept and fun to watch!


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