Breu (2007) – Grupo Corpo

Bold and strong, this segment of the dance piece called “Breu”, draws you in by the clever combination of movement, costume and strong rhythm. This is another piece danced by the Brazilian company, Grupo Corpo, and choreographed by the director, Rodrigo Pederneiras. The music is composed by Lenine and the costumes are designed by Freusa Zechmeister.

This piece premiered in 2007. It was a turning point in the company’s signature style as Pederneiras began to guide his company to more contemporary movement language that would speak of the present times. As a result his movement in this piece became more angled, forced with sharp edges in order to express and comment on the kinds of violence people live with in today’s world.

I am intrigued by the movement in this segment. At first I thought I was watching some interesting caterpillar type entities. However, with repeated viewing I became impressed with how strong, forceful and alienating the choreography is. The dancers are expressionless, with no real connection between them giving a sense of mechanical isolation. The first image where the men stand over the women is brutal, yet it is such a powerful and fascinating image and is great with the rhythmic drive in the music.

This segment makes me curious to see how these motifs unfold in the rest of the piece.

It’s a great part at least!

Short and sweet! Hope you LIKE it!


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