Hot and exciting! Take a look at this terrific duet danced by Kent Boyd and Lauren Froderman, who were top contestants from SYTYC D, 8 series. The piece is choreographed by Travis Wall to a great song by Howie Day, “Collide”. (acoustic version)

This is one of my favorite duos from SYTYCD. I always end up coming back to watch this couple. They are hot! They have great chemistry dancing together. What I really love about them is that they “go for it”; they hold nothing back and throw themselves into every movement. They are not afraid to take risks. Their unbound energy is raw, passionate and exciting as they propel and rebound off the floor and off each other.

Travis has choreographed a stunning duet, and I particularly enjoy the floor work. The dynamic contrasts between the paused intimate moments between the dancers and the speed and attack with which they fly and dive through space make it really exciting.

These two dancers are really good and talented. They dance with such passionate enthusiasm, joy and fun. They are having a ball! It’s great!

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