Dance of the Little Swans – Matthew Bournes’s Swan Lake

Clever and fun, this video shows the Dance of the Little Swans from Matthew Bournes’s “loosely” adapted version of Swan Lake. The music is by Tchaikovsky and the sets and costumes are designed by Lez Brotherston.

Matthew Bournes initial background influences are in film (old ones in particular), musical theatre, theatre and modern dance which are significant influences in his choreographic style bringing a unique persepctive to contemporary dance presentation.

Bourne is an English choreographer who created an audacious and witty reconfiguration of the classic ballet Swan Lake. One outrageous change he made was to replace the traditional female corps de ballet of swans into an all male ensemble. Not dressed in white tutus and pointe shoes the men dance with bare chests wearing white feathered pantaloons, dancing abstract contemporary movement in great style and spectacle.

In this video we see Bourne’s humor amidst this foray of Little Swans clumping and cavorting about like baby ostriches bringing a light comical slice to the scene. They are kind of cute!

The full ballet has been an international hit and shown in full houses in many countries around the world including in West End, London and Broadway, New York for extended periods of time. And it continues to draw crowds today.

I think this particular dance is great fun; this witty Dance of the Little Swans….It’s a hoot!



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