Grupo Corpo – Bach (1) – Belo Horizonte

Elegance with a natural flow carries this section of a ballet called, Bach, choreographed by Rodrigo Pederneiras. It is danced by members of the renowned Brazilian contemporary dance company, Grupo Corpo. The score was created by Marco Antonio Guimaraes.

Mr. Pederneiras choreographed this piece in 1996. He choreographed the piece as a game between what we hear and see by using dance as a way to unveil what lies in Bach’s music through Mr. Gumaraes score. The dance is a celebration of the architecture of life through a joyful continuously flowing elegance from which a surprising choreographic expression emerges. Visually the richness of Bach’s music is revealed in shades of blue, gold and darkness that predominate in the ballet both literally and kinetically.

I shall be posting different sections of this ballet over time. I begin here by posting the first video of this ballet that features dancing couples that grace the stage with bounding elegance and a rigorous athleticism that is a trade mark of this dynamic company. The choreographpy is a fusion between classical dance and contemporary dance styles that include jazz, Brazilian street dance, Ballroom dance, and African. We can clearly see the ballroom fusion with the complicated partnering patterns of turns, lifts and syncopated foot work between them.

The dancers are very strong and move with an easy flow that belies their strength and technical skill the choreography requires. I get a sense of suspended “timelessness” and a joyful freedom watching them as they turn, leap and glide together; They are a pleasure to watch.

Enjoy this flowing, elegant and vigorous first video of Grupo Corpo’s Bach and SHARE!


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