TAO Dance Theater “Sketch” 2008 Duan Ni Tao Ye Wang Hao

The piece on this video is called “Sketch” choreographed by the founder of a newly formed contemporary company from China, Tao Ye. The piece is performed by Duan Ni, Tao Ye and Wang Hao and the music is concerto for piano No. 5 in F minor, Largo, by Bach.

This piece is abstract and very stark. The women are dressed all in black with only their faces and hands visible. The piece is very minimal in content and space. They dance in a circle of light. This clip is a segment of the whole dance and begins with one woman dancing in a very slow and sculptural manner which reminds me of Butoh. The light and shadows of her moving form are beautiful.

The second dancer joins the first and they dance together as one, still within the circle of light. Their movements are fluid, seamless and gorgeous. Their whole bodies sing, you can see music flowing through every sinew and the simplicity and clarity of their movement reflects the crystal clarity and simplicity in Bach’s music. Their bodies are so expressive and speak volumes.

This piece is mesmerizing and poignant at the same time. This is a lovely interpretation of Bach through movement.

It is exciting to come across such a new and innovative company. And is certainly a company to watch for!

I hope you find this a pleasure to watch to, and be sure to SHARE with your friends!


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