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  • The You Show – Kidd Pivot | Crystal Pite

    The You Show – Kidd Pivot | Crystal Pite

    Riveting and intense, these performers dance with their whole bodies and show excellent use of Release, Contact and other contemporary dance techniques. This video shows clips from “The You Show” by Canadian choreographer, Crystal Pite. The music is composed by Owen Belton and performed by members of Pites’ company, Kidd Pivot. This work has me captivated with sheer fascination and amazement by the unique and fearless invention of the choreography. Crystal is such a creative talent with a powerful sense [...]

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  • The Israel Ballet dances “Hikarizatto”

    The Israel Ballet dances “Hikarizatto”

    Enjoy this stunning visual feast of the Isreal Ballet dancing “Hikarizatto”, choreographed by Itzik Galili. The music is by Percossa. This is a contemporary ballet for 10 couples. This ballet is amazing visually. The lighting is designed like a giant checker board which lights up in different configurations as dancers move into different points in space. I really like how the lit squares light up against a pitch black space in unpredictable sequences, so this piece has a strong surprise [...]

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  • PARABELO Grupo Corpo (2011-12)

    PARABELO Grupo Corpo (2011-12)

    Watch this upbeat, fun and explosive segment of a piece performed by the Brazilian contemporary company Gupo Corpo. The piece is choreographed by Rodrigo Pedemeiras and the music is composed by Tom Ze and Ze Miguel Wisnek. The choreography is a blend of classical, contemporary, ethnic and popular dance techniques fused with a distinct Latin American flavor! These dancers can move and they cover ground with a joyful nonchalant ease without ever stopping! The movement is fun and light, with [...]

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  • Beneath


    This video shows a fascinating solo called “Beneath”, choreographed and danced by Takako Matsuda. I like this piece. It is interesting to see how Takako has interpreted this universal theme of social masks. What I see is that her gown represents a social mask or uniform. She sets us up with the expectation of dancing in this mask then strips it off to reveal the ”true” feelings and impulses that live below the surface. Her movements range from primal to [...]

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  • TAO Dance Theater “Sketch”  2008 Duan Ni Tao Ye Wang Hao

    TAO Dance Theater “Sketch” 2008 Duan Ni Tao Ye Wang Hao

    The piece on this video is called “Sketch” choreographed by the founder of a newly formed contemporary company from China, Tao Ye. The piece is performed by Duan Ni, Tao Ye and Wang Hao and the music is concerto for piano No. 5 in F minor, Largo, by Bach. This piece is abstract and very stark. The women are dressed all in black with only their faces and hands visible. The piece is very minimal in content and space. They [...]

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  • Ballets Jazz de Montréal à Montmagny le 19 janvier 2013

    Ballets Jazz de Montréal à Montmagny le 19 janvier 2013

    This video shows an extraordinarily beautiful ballet created by Mauro Bigonzetti danced by Les Ballet Jazz de Montreal of Canada. The music is composed by Gioacchino Rossini. This ballet is an abstract piece that has no story line or plot but is an exploration of parallel lives, images, cards, dramatic icons and comic situations in which people live their lives. This video shows three selections from the ballet. In the fist scene, dancers wearing suites take their place across the [...]

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  • Danza Contemporanea de Cuba vaquitaproducciones

    Danza Contemporanea de Cuba vaquitaproducciones

    This video shows an ensemble piece danced by a Cuban contemporary dance company called Danza Contemporanea de Cuba. The choreographer is George Cespedes and the video by Franco Bozzo. Unfortunately the vodeo quality isn’t very good but I think the quality of the dancing and choreogrqphy more than compensate for the lack or clarity. I think this company is worh a look. The dance is an abstract piece which is captivating to watch by how the choreographer has arranged a [...]

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  • Batsheva Dance Company at BAM: MAX

    Batsheva Dance Company at BAM: MAX

    This Video shows two clips from a piece choreographed by Israeli choreographer, Ohad Naharin and danced by the Batsheva dance Company. We can see in these clips the influence of gaga technique in the movements of the dancers. The group piece has interesting images as the dancers work together to creating simple patterns. What is unique is the dancers are stationary moving only their heads, arms, and torsos in unison. An emotional response is created by the speed and exactness [...]

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  • the Cold Song

    the Cold Song

    This video shows a beautiful duet performed by two artists from the Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, New York. The choreographer is Benoit-Swan Pouffer and the music is Cold Song by Klaus Nomi. Unfortunately I have not been able to locate the names of these two wonderful dancers but I should like to honor them with full praise for a beautiful performance. This duet to me is so haunting not with just the music but with the stark presentation. The space [...]

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  • Glory – Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève

    Glory – Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève

    In this video we change gears and see excerpts of a fairly new ballet called “Gloria” choreographed by Andonis Foniadakis. It is danced by artists of Ballet du Grand Theatre de Geneve. Here we have a wonderful example of how contemporary ballet can create visually rich images while abounding with such free and seamless movement. The dancing is fantastic! The choreography is danced with abandoned lightness and fluidity while retaining an expressive elegance. The lightness and unceasing flow of energy [...]

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