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  • LaLaLa Human Steps – Velazquez’s Little Museum 4/6

    LaLaLa Human Steps – Velazquez’s Little Museum 4/6

    I am posting an interesting section of the film, Valazquez’s Little Museum, choreographed by the Canadian choreographer, Edouard Lock. The dancers are members of Edouard Locks company, La La La Human Steps. They are Berner Herbert, Louise Le Cavalier, Markita Boles, Edouard Lock and Christine Tessier. Valazquez’s Little Museum, was created in 1995 and is available online in six sections. This video shows the fourth section with two dances: a pas de deux featuring Louse Le Cavalier and an ensemble [...]

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  • Choreographer Hofesh Shechter

    Choreographer Hofesh Shechter

    This video shows a powerful and intense piece choreographed by renowned Israeli Choreographer Hofesh Shechter who is now based with his company in London England. I don’t know the name of this work. But he composed the music himself and the dancers are members of his company. Hofesh Shechter is an interesting choreographer because he is also a musician/composer who creates the music for all his works. He originally danced with the Batsheva Dance Company in Israel where he began [...]

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  • Dance of the Little Swans – Matthew Bournes’s Swan Lake

    Dance of the Little Swans – Matthew Bournes’s Swan Lake

    Clever and fun, this video shows the Dance of the Little Swans from Matthew Bournes’s “loosely” adapted version of Swan Lake. The music is by Tchaikovsky and the sets and costumes are designed by Lez Brotherston. Matthew Bournes initial background influences are in film (old ones in particular), musical theatre, theatre and modern dance which are significant influences in his choreographic style bringing a unique persepctive to contemporary dance presentation. Bourne is an English choreographer who created an audacious and [...]

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  • Without Words – Nacho Duato – Leonid Sarafanov and Irina Perren

    Without Words – Nacho Duato – Leonid Sarafanov and Irina Perren

    The gorgeous pas de deux in this video is from Nacho Duato’s ballet, Without Words and the music is by Franz Schubert. Here it is danced by Irina Perren and Leonid Sarafanov, dance artists from the Mikhailovsky Theatre, Russia. Nacho Duato is presently the artistic director and choreographer for this Russian company and is the first Foreigner to be directing a Russian dance company for 100 years since Petipa who created Swan Lake! Duato is internationally acclaimed as a choreographer, [...]

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  • Gods and Dogs | Jiri Kylián | Nederlands Dans Theater II

    Gods and Dogs | Jiri Kylián | Nederlands Dans Theater II

    Exciting and scorching! These clips are from one of Jiri Kylians later pieces, Gods and Dogs, danced by Nederlands Dans Theater II. The music is Ludwig Van Beethovan, string quartet No. 1 in F, Op 18, No. 1:II Adagio The music in the last duet has been altered by Dirk Haubrich to create a different sound by “bending” it with projections and modifications that make it sound harsh and metallic This was one of Kylian’s last pieces he choreographed for [...]

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  • Jiri Kylian-A way Alone “Body Of Work” 2006

    Jiri Kylian-A way Alone “Body Of Work” 2006

    This video clip shows a short piece called, A Way Alone, choreographed by Jiri Kylian for the Rotterdam Dance Academy. This performance is performed by dance and music students. The music is Bach, from the Goldberg Variations 15 Canone Andante. I found this quite by surprise as I was perusing through Kylians ballets and was really impressed by the simplicity and elegance of this short piece especially with the part where he used sign language to choreograph the ensemble section. [...]

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  • Precious Blood

    Precious Blood

    Powerful and full of pathos between mother and son, this duet is danced by the renown American contemporary dancer of today, Desmond Richardson and former Ailey dancer, Carmen De Lavallade. The piece is choreographed by Dwight Rhoden and the music is composed by Kevin Keller. Desmond Richardson is an amazing dancer who was a principal of the Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre company for seven years after which he danced with the Frankfurt Ballet in Germany and later as principal with [...]

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  • Whim 1st part

    Whim 1st part

    Exciting and original, “WHIM, Fractured Fairytale” choreographed by Alexander Ekman is a humorous and wonderfully performed piece of dance theatre. We show here the first part of the ballet. It is performed by the It Danza of the Insititute of Theatre in Barcelona. The music is for this section is Antonio Vivaldi. This piece is sheer fun, clever and full of unexpected surprises. The choreography is contemporary combined with a lot of pedestrian movement and gesture. Ekman has also used [...]

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  • Grupo Corpo – Sem Mim | 2011 Pas de Deux

    Grupo Corpo – Sem Mim | 2011 Pas de Deux

    This video is another section from the same ballet, Sem Mim (Without Me) we posted yesterday of the Brazialian Grupo Corpo. This section showing a lovely poetic lament between two lovers is choreographed by Brazialian choreographer Rodrigo Pedemeiras. The musical score is composed by Carlos Numex and Jose Wisnik and is sung in a rich longing lament. The duet is beautifully danced behind a huge net. The net screens the dancers adding an interesting texture and sense of intimacy. You [...]

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  • Grupo Corpo – Sem Mim | 2011

    Grupo Corpo – Sem Mim | 2011

    Enjoy some more great dancing by the Brazilian contemporary dance company, Corpo Grupo, dancing a selection from the work Sem Mim, choreographed by Rodrigo Pedemeiras. It is great to see men dancing light on their feet and covering ground! This piece has the sound of an Irish Jig with the flute in the music which is light and dancy. Pedemeiras has employed this sound by having dancers propel themselves through space with the quick foot work similar to that of [...]

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