Abou Lagraa – Festival Vaison Danses 2011

Here are a couple of excerpts from the performances of an Algerian Contemporary Hip Hop company. The choreographer is Abou Lagraa.

The first clips are from a piece danced to Bolero, a popular piece of music choreographed to by several choreographers. What I like about this video is how Lagraa has fused together contemporary dance with hip hop and Middle Eastern dance forms to create a very distinct movement vocabulary. The mix is really interesting and captivating to watch.

I also really enjoy watching how hip hop dancers do contemporary dance and adapt their own very distinct style and way of moving to it… it can be so beautiful and fluid.

It is such a pleasure to watch men dance in a way that is expressive yet is very much their own way. I really enjoyed watching these pieces. Would love to see them live!

Please take a look and enjoy and feel free to comment!


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