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  • Kyiv Modern-Balet – Ballet Fragment, “Rain”

    Kyiv Modern-Balet – Ballet Fragment, “Rain”

    (Originally Posted: February 13, 2013) Humorous and fun this duet is a segment from a contemporary ballet called “Rain” choreographed by Radu Poklitaru. Radu Poklitaru is a prominent Russian contemporary choreographer who is both artistic director and choreographer of the Russian contemporary dance company, Kyviv Modern Ballet Theatre. This segment is danced by two members of this company. The music for this section are two Romanian folk songs. What I really enjoy about this duet is the humor and lighthearted [...]

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  • Abou Lagraa – Festival Vaison Danses 2011

    Abou Lagraa – Festival Vaison Danses 2011

    Here are a couple of excerpts from the performances of an Algerian Contemporary Hip Hop company. The choreographer is Abou Lagraa. The first clips are from a piece danced to Bolero, a popular piece of music choreographed to by several choreographers. What I like about this video is how Lagraa has fused together contemporary dance with hip hop and Middle Eastern dance forms to create a very distinct movement vocabulary. The mix is really interesting and captivating to watch. I [...]

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  • State of Matter – Ihsan Rustem – NWDP

    State of Matter – Ihsan Rustem – NWDP

    Strong with an electric force, State of Matter is a contemporary ballet that was choreographed by Ihsan Rustem and danced in this video by the North West Dance Project. The music is by Murcaf, Olafur Arnalds and Max Richter and the text is by Benjamin Wardell. North West Dance Project is a relatively new contemporary dance company based in Portland, Oregon US. It was formed by Canadian dancer and choreographer, Sarah Slipper in 2004 who is currently the artistic director. [...]

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  • Igor Kolb – Beginning (choreography by Vladimir Varnava)

    Igor Kolb – Beginning (choreography by Vladimir Varnava)

    Whimsical and poignant is this solo called, “Beginning”, danced by Igor Kolb who is a Principal dancer with the Marinsky Ballet Theatre. The choreography is by Vladimir Varnava and the music is Eric Satie, Gnossienne No. 1. Vladimir Varnava is a rising young contemporary choreographer from Russian. Varnava began his training at the Arts Center for Gifted Children in Northern Russia. In 2004 he continued his education at the Khanty – Marinsky branch of the Moscow State University of Culture [...]

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  • Carmina Burana – Szeged Contemporary Dance Company

    Carmina Burana – Szeged Contemporary Dance Company

    Powerful and epic! This version of Carmina Burana is performed by the Hungarian Szeged Contemporary Dance Company. It was choreographed by Tamas Juronics who is both artist director and resident choreographer to the company. The music was composed by Carl Orff in 1935 – 1936, The Szeged Contemporary Dance Company is one of the leading contemporary dance companies in Hungary. It was formed out of the Szeged Ballet in 1993. Under the direction of Tamas Juronics, the company has grown [...]

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  • Middle Duet (Contemporary Ballet by Alexei Ratmansky)

    Middle Duet (Contemporary Ballet by Alexei Ratmansky)

    This work is called, Middle Duet, choreographed by the renowned Russian choreographer, Alexei Ratmansky. It is performed here in this video at a Gala performance in South Korea by two dancers from the Marinsky Ballet, Igor Kolb and Korean born Jiyeon Ryta (Ti Yon Riu). Jiyeon Ryta is the first “foreign” dancer in this company. The music was composed by Juri Khanin, and is called the Middle Symphony Op 40. Ratmansky is a contemporary ballet choreographer who was trained as [...]

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