Carmina Burana – Szeged Contemporary Dance Company

Powerful and epic! This version of Carmina Burana is performed by the Hungarian Szeged Contemporary Dance Company. It was choreographed by Tamas Juronics who is both artist director and resident choreographer to the company. The music was composed by Carl Orff in 1935 – 1936,

The Szeged Contemporary Dance Company is one of the leading contemporary dance companies in Hungary. It was formed out of the Szeged Ballet in 1993. Under the direction of Tamas Juronics, the company has grown to become internationally renowned for its unique fusion of contemporary movement with a highly theatrical expression on stage.

Tamas Juronics is a dancer, choreographer and director of both the Szeged Contemporary Dance Company and Szeged National theatre. He graduated from the Faculty of Hungarian Dance Art College and joined the Szegard ballet company in 1990 by invitation from director, Zoltan Imre. In 1991 Juronics began to choreograph works and in 1993, was appointed artistic director of the newly formed Szegard Contemporary Dance Company. He has been a prolific choreographer, having created over 50 works for which he has achieved wide recognition through numerous National and International awards for his contribution and commitment to artistic excellence and innovation.

Tames Juronics is one of the first Hungarian choreographers to use contemporary dance performed by professional dancers of highly technical and artistic skill. The integral features of his work are narrative ballets that incorporate well thought out and clear cut movement and visual languages with theatrical elements. He uses spectacular scenery, special effects, lighting and music of well known masters to produce highly theatrical outstanding productions.

Juronics’ Carminia Burana in this video is an ode to the human condition. The ballet is about a group of humanoids who struggle to survive in the ruins of a civilization. The story focuses on one girl who finds love and hope in the midst of stark circumstances. She together with her fellow survivors live through conditions of hope, disappointment, joy, love, fear and even death. The ballet is intended to mirror our own human experiences as a means to deepen understanding about ourselves.

True to Juronics style, this opening section of the ballet shows a highly theatrical presentation with amazing sets, ragged costumes that fly about the dancers even down to the grass on the stage. The movement is intense, stark and strong with detail that accentuates different qualities and rhythms in the music. As we can see the effect is both fascinating and powerful.

It is really wonderful to see contemporary dance used in such a theatrically inspiring way!

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