Vincenzo Capezzuto in “FANDANGO”

This beautiful solo is danced by Italian dancer, Vincenzo Capezzuto and choreographed by Enrico Morelli. The music is by the Apreggiato Ensemble.

Mr. Capezzuto is both a dancer and professional singer. As a dancer he has had an impressive career that has included working as a principal dancer with numerous companies such as Teatro San Carlo in Naples, English National Ballet and National Ballet of Argentina. He has also danced with Atterballeto and toured internationally in works choreographed by Mauro Bigonzetti, Willaim Forsythe and Ohad Naharin and other contemporary choreographers of today. Mr. Capezzuto is also the recipient of numerous awards including the Giuiana Penzi Award in 2012 in recognition for his versatility and popularization of Italian dance and music around the world.

In this solo Capezzuto brings together a spicy Spanish flare to contemporary movement as he weaves in and out of the floor with fluid speed and agility. His movement is clean and generous as he expands into the space around him punctuating the flow with articulated gestures that create a wonderful dynamic There is a contrasting flow between the lyrical and sensual movements with the surging crescendos that rebound him off the floor and propel him through the air with increased intensity and speed.

I really like the Capezzuto’s costume. It looks stunning in the beginning when he stands with his back to the audience with folds of red falling about his legs against the dark background. I love this style of costume on men because it shows their beautiful upper bodies while accentuating their movements as the fabric flies about them and in this solo it looks like flames of passion or fire are swirling around Capezzuto. Also, the flowing fabric gives an elegance to the piece which I find pleasing.

Capezzuto is a beautiful dancer who gives a dynamic and musical performance full of great feeling and drive!

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