Gheorghe Iancu and Alessandro Riga – “Father and son” Music by Peter Gabriel

This is a moving duet called “Father and Son”, that is danced to the song by Peter Gabriel. It is danced here by Gheorghe Iancu and Alessandro Riga. Gheorghe Iancu choreographed the duet for the Amoures Dance Gala in Bolognia in 2006.

Gheorghe Iancu is a Romanian born dancer who was trained at the Romanian state Institute and went to train at the Bolshoi Academy in Russia. He has had an impressive career in which he has starred together with Carla Fracci in numerous classical ballets. He has danced an enormous repertoire ranging from the Romantic and Classics ballets to contemporary works by McGreggor. Iancu has also become a well known choreographer having produced programs for his own company called Fabula Saltica.

Alessandro Riga is a young Italian dancer who is becoming known in such principal roles in ballets such Romeo in Romeo and Juliet and Pulcinella.

I was taken with this duet because it shows the love between a father and son. The dancers show intimate aspects to this relationship with sensitivity, understanding and respectful care which I find very touching. The choreography is quite simple and uncluttered so as to focus on the more intimate moments that are shared between them. And Peter Gabriel’s voice adds an emotional depth with a touch of wistful melancholia that adds to the overall impact of the piece.

It is not common to see this theme depicted in dance as it is a relationship that is not normally considered or talked about in our culture. This is particularly so in terms of love and the more intimate and sensitive aspects of the relationship. It is made all the more poignant here by seeing how these two men, one older and one younger, interact together through dance. So to me this piece is quite a unique and powerful ode to this universal relationship.

I really appreciate how these two beautiful dancers have brought together their sensitivity and experience to create this touching piece that reaches out and speaks to the hearts of all!

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