Kyiv Modern-Balet – Ballet Fragment, “Rain”

(Originally Posted: February 13, 2013)

Humorous and fun this duet is a segment from a contemporary ballet called “Rain” choreographed by Radu Poklitaru. Radu Poklitaru is a prominent Russian contemporary choreographer who is both artistic director and choreographer of the Russian contemporary dance company, Kyviv Modern Ballet Theatre. This segment is danced by two members of this company. The music for this section are two Romanian folk songs.

What I really enjoy about this duet is the humor and lighthearted rivalry between the two dancers that is created with the clever and playful use of contact improv. The dancers are very theatrical in their expressive interaction with each other. They are not only dynamic dancers but excellent dancer/actors as well. This is something we don’t often see so it is wonderful to be able to enjoy it here.

Choreographically, the dance is framed in silence. At the beginning it draws you in with fascination as the guy begins to dance, and ends in a silent and touching sadness as the girl walks away. The choreography is well constructed with clever movement combinations and surprising sculptured moments.

When I think of concert dance in Russia, I immediately think of them surpassed in Classical Ballet and National Dance. However, I find it exciting to see how they also have a contemporary company in which experimentation with movement of the contemporary dance languages of today are being developed in their own unique style. In this piece we see the blend of contemporary movement with the traditional Romanian songs and theme.

This is a real lighthearted and fun piece which is beautifully danced.

Please enjoy!


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