LINES Ballet The Moroccan Project

(Originally Posted: Jan 28, 2013)

This is a dance video called the Moroccan Project choreographed by the highly acclaimed American choreographer, Alonzo King. The piece was created for his company, Alonzo King Lines Ballet. It is performed by Meredith Webster and Corey Scott-Gilbert who are both recipients of the Princess Grace award. The music is original Moroccan music composed by El Hamideen.

This is a beautiful dance video of a duet taken from a larger work. A variety of film cuts, angles and shots of the dancers creates a superb collage of the dancers in motion and in still sculptured forms. The grace and elegance of classical ballet is fused with a sense of the exotic in African movements within the freedom of contemporary dance together with the simple haunting Moroccan melody.

As the name of the company suggests, the piece showcases beautiful lines and sculptured
poses combined with shadowed images that accompany the dancers in time with the music.

This is beautifully danced; Meredith and Corey are wonderful dancers who are a joy to watch.

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