DANCE This 2008: Contemporary “Forces”

(Originally Posted: February 20, 2013)

Here I found a dance work called Contemporary “Forces” choreographed by Jamel Gaines and danced by the Creative Outlet Dance Theatre of Brooklyn.

I am really interested in contemporary dance that is fused with other dance forms because of interesting ways of moving, design and perspective it brings. And what I love about this choreography is the dynamic blend of African and Western contemporary dance.

The movement is very grounded and rich in African dance yet the Western style seems to give it another dimension of freedom which is lovely.

The dancing is superb, dynamic and full of joyous driving energy. The dancers themselves are amazing to watch. They are so strong and grounded and the movement just ripples through their bodies. Their lines are gorgeous and their technique is impeccable, and oh! the freedom it gives them! A great find!

Take a look and enjoy! Then pass it on to your friends!


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