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    A beautiful pas de deux choreographed by Maurice Bejart and danced by Rita Poelvoorde and Yan Le Gac from the 80’s. This piece of contemporary ballet is delightful and in such contrast in it’s simplicity and poetic innocence and gentleness from today’s fast paced, complex technical dance. Poelvoorde appears so waif like and light as a nymph. I am fascinated by how young she seems and just lovely to watch. Please enjoy and share with your friends.

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  • Les Indomptes

    Les Indomptes

    Here is a wonderful duet for two men called, Les Indomptes. It was choreographed by Claude Brumachon and danced by Jiri and Otto Bubenickovi, principal dancers with the Hamburg Ballet. The music is by Wim Mertens. This duet was quite a discovery! The choreographer Claude Brumachon is a highly acclaimed French choreographer and dancer. He has been a prolific choreographer with an extensive collection of dance creations to his name. He founded his own dance company in 1984 called the [...]

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  • Essential Dance Film – There is a Place

    Essential Dance Film – There is a Place

    Poignant and powerful describes this short dance film, There is a Place. The film features dancer/choreographer Sang Jijia and was created by two Scottish film makers; filmed and directed by Katrina McPherson and edited by Simon Fildes. The soundtrack is by Philip Jeck. This film, There is a Place, won the Jury prize for the best Screen Dance Short in the Dance Film Festival in San Francisco, 2011. It was initiated as an international artists exchange to create a new [...]

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  • Animal Park by Tim Rushton and the Danish Dance Theatre

    Animal Park by Tim Rushton and the Danish Dance Theatre

    Mysterious and haunting is this ballet called, Animal Park. It is choreographed by Tim Rushton and danced by the Danish Contemporary Dance Company. The music is by Biosphere and Craig Amstrong. Tim Rushton is a British born Choreographer who was a graduate from the Royal Ballet School in London. He started his dance career with the Deutsche Oper am Rheim in Düsseldorf then continued for a few years with The Royal Danish Ballet, Denmark. It was there he found his [...]

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  • Carolyn Carlson : Les couleurs de Maduraï

    Carolyn Carlson : Les couleurs de Maduraï

    A visual feast of color, beautiful images and dancing combine to make a stunning ballet shown in this segment called, Les Coleurs de Madarai. It is choreographed by Carolyn Carlson and performed by the Paris Opera Ballet. The solo parts are danced by the principals, Marie Agnes-Gillot and Kader Belarbi. The stunning sets and costumes are designed by the artist, Olivier Debre and the music is composed by Rene Aubry. Carolyn Carlson is an American born choreographer who initially trained [...]

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  • Spellbound Contemporary Ballet” first floor”

    Spellbound Contemporary Ballet” first floor”

    Captivating and daring describes this dance video called “First Floor”. It is choreographed by Maruo Astolfi and danced by members of his company, Spellbound Contemporary Ballet, Italy. Unfortunately I am unable to find the name of the composer. But this video was filmed at the Daf Dance Arts Faculty in Rome. This dance video was filmed on site in an elevator. This space is very interesting because it clearly defines the spatial and relational parameters of the dancers/strangers in this [...]

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  • Falling Angels (1989) by Jiri Kylian’s “Black and White Ballets”, The Nederlands Dans

    Falling Angels (1989) by Jiri Kylian’s “Black and White Ballets”, The Nederlands Dans

    A Masterful treat! This video shows the complete ballet of, Falling Angels, choreographed by Jiri Kylian and performed by the Nederlands dans Theatre. The music is by Steve Reich, Drumming part 1. Steve Reich composed this score after he was inspired by observing ceremonial ritual music from Ghana (West Africa). The percussion music is an integral part of the ballet, Falling Angels, as the movement is intimately connected to and molded by the varying complex and syncopated rhythmic intensities in [...]

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  • Cromatismi – Francesco Nappa

    Cromatismi – Francesco Nappa

    Expressive and dynamic is this piece called, Cromatismi:, by the Italian choreographer, Francesco Nappa. Nappa also designed the costumes and composed the musical score. The piece is performed by the Jr. Ballet of Toscana, Florence. Nappa was initially trained as a dancer at the Napoli Academy of Classical Dance and completed his training at the English National Ballet School. Nappa went on to enjoy a very successful and varied dance career performing with Les Ballet De Monte Carlo, Royal Danish [...]

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  • Extrait TRICODEX ballet contemporain 2005

    Extrait TRICODEX ballet contemporain 2005

    Whimsical describes this excerpt of the surreal ballet called “Tricodex”, performed in this video by the Lyon Opera Ballet Company, France. It was choreographed by the French choreographer, Philippe Decoufle. The Music was produced by Sebastian Libot and Hughes de Courson and the set, costume and device designer was Phillippe Guillotel. Philippe Decoufle is a choreographer who has a highly fertile imagination that is evident in this bizarre and surreal work. His early background was in circus training, which accounts [...]

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  • Gheorghe Iancu and Alessandro Riga – “Father and son” Music by Peter Gabriel

    Gheorghe Iancu and Alessandro Riga – “Father and son” Music by Peter Gabriel

    This is a moving duet called “Father and Son”, that is danced to the song by Peter Gabriel. It is danced here by Gheorghe Iancu and Alessandro Riga. Gheorghe Iancu choreographed the duet for the Amoures Dance Gala in Bolognia in 2006. Gheorghe Iancu is a Romanian born dancer who was trained at the Romanian state Institute and went to train at the Bolshoi Academy in Russia. He has had an impressive career in which he has starred together with [...]

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