Dancing In The Dark

Stark and moving is this duet in this short dance film called Dancing in the Dark. It is choreographed and danced by Matt Luck and Emma Portner. The music is by Ben Howard and Yeal Naim and the filming is by Christian Beasley. The editing was done by Matt Luck.

This duet is about the pain and frustration of a relationship that has become stuck at its lowest ebb. It seems to be an eternal place with no way out. The dance depicts how people can become accustomed to this kind of situation and then accept it as “inevitable”.

The combined elements in this film create a very strong work. The bleak monochromatic color tones, black setting and a stark movement language that strongly reflect the emotional pain and strain of the relationship. The movement is sharp with strong dynamic accents and pregnant pauses. It speaks as a simple, cutting and tense dialogue with detailed gestures and combinations in which the couple repeatedly try to reach each other. The dance is fraught with tension and pain yet has a searching tenderness and deep underlying yearning and desire for love and connection that keep the couple together.

I was really struck by the simplicity and power of this film. The duet is beautifully danced, crisply articulate, passionate, sensitive and moving. The movement combinations are really interesting and beautifully created out.

Enjoy this mesmerizing and moving duet called Dancing in the Dark and SHARE!


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