Jardi Tancat – Original Performance

Beautiful and haunting is this final section of the ballet called, Jardi Tancat. It was choreographed by Nacho Duato and performed in this video by the original cast of dancers from the Netherlands Dans Theatre II.  The music is a song called “Canco de na Ruixa Mantells, arranged and sung by the Spanish singer, Maria de Mar Bonet

Nacho Duato, a Spanish choreographer, created Jari Tancat in 1983 while he was still dancing with the Nederlands Dans Theatre. It won 1st place in the International Competition in Cologne (Germany). As a professional dancer he spent a number of years dancing with the Nederlands Dans Theatre under the artistic directorship of Jiri Kylian.  He has also had (and continues to have) an extensive choreographic career.  For  20 years he was the  artistic director of the Compania Nacional de Danza  and the associate Jr. Company in Spain. It was a golden opportunity that enabled him to focus on developing his choreographic craft and skills in directing and developing a large dance company.   Jari Tancat is Duato’s first major choreographic work and is still considered one of his finest.

Jardi Tancat means “Enclosed Garden” and is articulated by the simple set of fence posts placed around the edge of the stage.  The ballet was set to Catalonian folksongs that were based on old popular Majorcan texts that were set to music and voice by Maria de Mar Bonet. The ballet is a poignant story of the daily life of hardship, work, love and loss of people who worked the barren land. The whole ballet features solos, duets, ensemble and choral moments that give an over riding sense of community that is deeply connected to the earth.

The excerpt in this video is the last section of the ballet. It is based on a touching song about the final days of a mad woman who wanders by the ocean lamenting the loss of her lover at sea. The song is divided onto three sections which are danced by three different couples.

The dancing is superb buoyed by Duato’s musical and lyrical style that is technically demanding and dramatically expressive with expansive and heartrending movements to the soulful lament of the song. The movement language is classically based grounded by various forms of modern dance. The particular expressive use of the body reminds me of Graham in Duato’s use of the sculptural torso and forms that give an emotional and powerful dramatic effect.

This is a lovely piece that is beautifully danced. It is both moving and soulful. Visually it is a pleasure to watch as stunning images and motifs seamlessly slide from one to the other. This is a piece I could happily watch many times over.

Please note, I am including a copy of the beautiful words of the song (in English) for you to read. It is such a touching story with stark and powerful poetic images. Just “Click”on the Picture below the video to read them. I hope you enjoy it.

Enjoy this soulful and poignant lament by Nacho Duato that is beautifully danced and SHARE with friends!

Click on the Picture to Read The Beautiful Words



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