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    Koresh Dance Company dancing EVOLUTION/5 GIRLS choreographed by Ronen Koresh. The music is composed by Greg Smith and Damon Umholtz. I really like this piece. I love the movement, and the effects of the lighting and the costumes. This piece is so fresh, light, energetic and holds for me a sense of mystery. Almost tribal in how the environment is shadowed in a defined space and how the dancers gradually come together to dance in a very ritualistic motif pattern. [...]

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  • not the same…

    not the same…

    “not the same…” is a clever, eye catching and entertaining solo that was choreographed by Benoit-Swan Pouffer. It is danced in this video by Bennyroyce Royan for his graduation dance from the prestigious Julliard School in New York. The song is called “Same” by Dani Siciliano and was staged for this presentation by Alexandra Damiani. Beniot-Swan Pouffer is an internationally renown dancer and choreographer. He was born in France where he received his professional dance training at the Conservatoire National [...]

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  • Abou Lagraa – Festival Vaison Danses 2011

    Abou Lagraa – Festival Vaison Danses 2011

    Here are a couple of excerpts from the performances of an Algerian Contemporary Hip Hop company. The choreographer is Abou Lagraa. The first clips are from a piece danced to Bolero, a popular piece of music choreographed to by several choreographers. What I like about this video is how Lagraa has fused together contemporary dance with hip hop and Middle Eastern dance forms to create a very distinct movement vocabulary. The mix is really interesting and captivating to watch. I [...]

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