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  • LINES Ballet The Moroccan Project

    LINES Ballet The Moroccan Project

    (Originally Posted: Jan 28, 2013) This is a dance video called the Moroccan Project choreographed by the highly acclaimed American choreographer, Alonzo King. The piece was created for his company, Alonzo King Lines Ballet. It is performed by Meredith Webster and Corey Scott-Gilbert who are both recipients of the Princess Grace award. The music is original Moroccan music composed by El Hamideen. This is a beautiful dance video of a duet taken from a larger work. A variety of film [...]

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  • DANCE This 2008: Contemporary “Forces”

    DANCE This 2008: Contemporary “Forces”

    (Originally Posted: February 20, 2013) Here I found a dance work called Contemporary “Forces” choreographed by Jamel Gaines and danced by the Creative Outlet Dance Theatre of Brooklyn. I am really interested in contemporary dance that is fused with other dance forms because of interesting ways of moving, design and perspective it brings. And what I love about this choreography is the dynamic blend of African and Western contemporary dance. The movement is very grounded and rich in African dance [...]

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  • Mikhail Baryshnikov in “White Nights”, dancing “Koni” (Horses) by Vladimir Vysotsky

    Mikhail Baryshnikov in “White Nights”, dancing “Koni” (Horses) by Vladimir Vysotsky

    (Originally Posted: March 22, 2013) A treat! A clip from the movie, White Nights, showing Baryshnikov dancing an amazing solo choreographed by the famous American choreographer, Twyla Tharp. Taylor Hackford directed the film and it starred Mikhail Baryshnikov, Gregory Hines, Jerzy Skolimowski, and Helen Mirren. The song is “Dancing Koni” (Horses), sung by the famous Russian singer, Vladimir Vysotsky. The film is about a Russian defector who is an acclaimed dancer who gets captured when his plane crashes in Siberia. [...]

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  • Jardi Tancat – Original Performance

    Jardi Tancat – Original Performance

    Beautiful and haunting is this final section of the ballet called, Jardi Tancat. It was choreographed by Nacho Duato and performed in this video by the original cast of dancers from the Netherlands Dans Theatre II.  The music is a song called “Canco de na Ruixa Mantells, arranged and sung by the Spanish singer, Maria de Mar Bonet Nacho Duato, a Spanish choreographer, created Jari Tancat in 1983 while he was still dancing with the Nederlands Dans Theatre. It won [...]

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  • Dancing In The Dark

    Dancing In The Dark

    Stark and moving is this duet in this short dance film called Dancing in the Dark. It is choreographed and danced by Matt Luck and Emma Portner. The music is by Ben Howard and Yeal Naim and the filming is by Christian Beasley. The editing was done by Matt Luck. This duet is about the pain and frustration of a relationship that has become stuck at its lowest ebb. It seems to be an eternal place with no way out. [...]

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  • Vertical Road, Akram Khan Company

    Vertical Road, Akram Khan Company

    Dynamic impulses of flight express the power expressed in these excerpts from, Vertical Road, choreographed by Akram Khan and performed by the Akram Khan Company. The music is composed by Nitin Sawhney. Akram Kahn is a choreographer of British and Bangladeshi descent who has achieved international acclaim for his work that is known for it’s synthesis of Eastern and Western movement traditions of classical kathak and modern dance. With Vertical Road, Khan worked with eight specially selected performers from Asia, [...]

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  • smoke 3/3

    smoke 3/3

    This is the final video series of the duet, Smoke . It is Choreographed by Mats Ek and danced by Sylvie Guillem and Niklas Ek to music by Arvo Pert. Sylvie Guillem was trained at the Paris Opera Ballet School. She graduated at 16 into the company and three years later was appointed top position in the company by the artistic director at the time, Rudolph Nureyev. She was the youngest ever to be promoted to such a high ranked [...]

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  • Smoke 2/3

    Smoke 2/3

    This video is the second section to Mats Ek’s dance film called Smoke. This video features a duet between the couple that was introduced in the first video danced by internationally renowned dancer, Sylvie Guillem and Mats Ek’s brother, Niklas Ek. Mats Ek has been a seminal contemporary choreographer in Europe with an extensive choreographic repertoire ranging from original to reworked classics in a contemporary idiom. Due to his theatre background his works have a strong theatrical element and are [...]

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  • Smoke 1/3

    Smoke 1/3

    This video is the first posting of a three part dance film called, Smoke. It was choreographed and directed by Swedish choreographer Mats Ek. It is danced by Sylvie Guillem and Niklas Ek and the music by Arvo Part. This dance film was winner of the IMZ, International Music and Media Center award for best choreography for screen in 1999. This was a ballet that was conceived for video at Sylvie Guiellem’s request and is included in her film called, [...]

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    This video shows a duet and solo from the piece called Evolution. These dances follow after an ensemble section that we showed in the previous video of the same ballet danced by the Koresh Dance Company posted on July 7, 2013. The choreography is by Ronen Koresh. Koresh is an Israeli born dancer, choreographer and teacher whose initial dance background was founded in Yemenite Folk Dance where he danced with the Tel Aviv Folk dance group. In his late teens [...]

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