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    Here are clips from the ballet “RAVE.VOB” danced by Ballet de Lorraine, choreographed by the famous American choreographer, Karole Armitage. This ballet is a blast! It is full of color, humour and attitude with expressive connections and moves! The choreography is ballet based that is fused with martial arts, pop, and Vogue movements! Karole Armitage created RAVE.VOB in response to the attack of 9/11 in New York City September 2001. Instead of focusing on the losses, she chose to express [...]

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  • Haze


    This video shows an excerpt from a piece called “Haze”, performed by the Beijing Contemporary Dance Company. The choreography is by Wang Yuan and music by Henryk Gorecki, Symphony No.3 & Biosphere. This piece is fascinating and a great study of how dancers cope on an unstable stage made from what looks like a giant mattress. Overall the piece is dark, gloomy, tense and foreboding. The scene is stark and bare, void of any color. The music, in this excerpt, [...]

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  • Dark Matter – Dance

    Dark Matter – Dance

    This is a video of an excerpt from a dance called Dark Matter – Dance, choreographed by Malia Johnston and danced by students from the New Zealand School of Dance. The music is by Eden Mulholland. I really like this piece I think it is inventive and captivating. This section is danced by three people, in a small rectangle of lit space. They perform an intricate series of movements that seem to be parts of a machine that work together [...]

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  • Rosas Danst Rosas Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker (Full)

    Rosas Danst Rosas Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker (Full)

    This dance video made by Thierry De Mey is based on the choreography of Anna Theresa De Keersmaeker. The whole film is about a half hour in length, and is filmed on site in an empty warehouse. The dancers are dressed all the same in grey skirt, top, shoes and socks, shades of grey seem to be the color motif. The film begins in a mysterious dark space with dancers walking about in the shadows of empty rooms defined by [...]

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  • Kafig


    Compagnie Kafig is a French/Algerian dance company led by atistic director and choreographer of international acclaim, Mourad Merzouki. And the dancers are hip hop dancers from Brazil. This is a hip hop dance company which has some amazing work which blends contemporary dance with hip hop. What is shown in this video is an excerpt from a work of which I don’t know the choreographer or dancers names. However, it is identified as being from a performance by the kafig [...]

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  • Khala Grupo de Dança – Maria

    Khala Grupo de Dança – Maria

    This pas de deux is called “Maria” choreographed by Marcelo Cavalcanti and danced by Marcelo Cavalcanti and Patrícia Fabrin from the Khala Grupo de Danca in Brazil. The duet begins and ends in a pose just like the Michael Angelo Sculpture of Christ held in his Mother’s arms. The music sounds like Stabat Mater but I don’t know which one. The sculptural elements in the choreography are gorgeous made all the more so by the lighting which is simple creating [...]

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  • Vollmond de Pina Bausch

    Vollmond de Pina Bausch

    Vollmond is an absolutly stunning work choreographed by Pina Bausch. Here are pics of the dancers caught in the absolute momement dancing in this amazing piece.     Absolutely brilliant! The images are stunning, raw, cutting to the core and electric in power. I can’t say enough about this piece, it left me stunned when I saw the film. Pina takes all the rules, conventions and boxes of dance/life and throws them over the edge and just move, be, exist and free! Thank you [...]

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  • Mark Morris Dance Group

    Mark Morris Dance Group

    Here is a montage of the Mark Morris Dance Group dancing clips from works created by chorographer and founder of the company, Mark Morris. Mark Morris has always been fascinating to me because he is a dancer and choreographer who has never been afraid to break or ignore conventions in dance, and push boundaries to create his own style of expression. Even his dance background was unconventional. He not only choreographs but also directs operas. So in a sense he [...]

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  • Black Grace Dance Company.mp4

    Black Grace Dance Company.mp4

    From New Zealand, Black Grace Dance Company is shown in clips from their repertoire creted by their artistic director and choreographer Neil Leremia Virtually an unknown company in mainstream dance scene in the northern hemisphere they were an unexpected gem to discover to see perform live. What a delightful surprise and thrill to have witnessed their great energy, dynamism and beauty. I was so impressed by this company, a must to show! The name of this company is derived from [...]

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  • Alvin Ailey Revelations – Sinnerman

    Alvin Ailey Revelations – Sinnerman

    Sinnerman is an excerpt from Alvin Ailey’s timeless masterpiece, Revelations. The whole ballet is phenomenal but I was just blown away by Sinnerman when I had the opportunity to see Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre live two nights in a row! The ground these dancers cover on a large stage is awesome. The attack, the superb skill and boundless energy of such amazing dancers makes this dance just spectacular live! Please enjoy and share with your friends!

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