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  • V (PV) the ARROWS

    V (PV) the ARROWS

    Captivating and clever! This group piece is performed by dancers from the modern dance club at Okayama University in Japan. The music is by a well known Japanese band called, the ARROWS, and the dance was inspired by the tale, “A Frog in the Well”. Unfortunately, I am unable to find the name of the choreographer. I was impressed by the strong visual impact of this piece which shows six dancers crouched inside boxes stacked on top of each other [...]

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  • Folding excerpt – Shen Wei Dance Arts

    Folding excerpt – Shen Wei Dance Arts

    Visually striking these images are from a work choreographed and designed by American Chinese choreographer, Shen Wei. These excerpts are taken from a full work danced by the Shen Wei Dance Arts company that is based in New York. The music is a mix of traditional Tibetan Buddhist Mahakala chants with the celestial harmonies of John Taverner. A note of interest is that Shen Wei was the choreographer for the opening ceremonies for the Olympics in Beijing in 2008. Shen [...]

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  • GISELLE – Luc Bouy e Ana Laguna

    GISELLE – Luc Bouy e Ana Laguna

    Love, betrayal and madness are the signature themes for this famous romantic ballet, Giselle. Only this video shows a wonderful twist in the interpretation featuring the main characters, Giselle and Albrecht, from the original cast of this ground breaking work by Mats Ek. Giselle is danced by Ana Laguna and Albrecht by Luc Buoy of the Cullberg Ballet. Matz Ek is a Swedish choreographer who initially choreographed this non-romantic re-interpretation of the ballet for the Cullberg Ballet in 1982, which [...]

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  • The Cost of Living – DV8 Physical Theatre

    The Cost of Living – DV8 Physical Theatre

    This video shows three short clips from a dance film called “The Cost of Living” directed by Lloyd Newson. Lloyd Newson formed a dance company called, DV8 Physical Theatre, that focuses on exploring theatre through dance. Newson’s company has won many awards for both live performance and film productions including a Dance on Camera Festival award in New York. Mr. Newson focuses on challenging ideas of what both modern and classical dance can and should address. “The Cost of Living” [...]

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  • Diana Vishneva – Beauty in motion F.L.O.W

    Diana Vishneva – Beauty in motion F.L.O.W

    Breathtaking and stunningly beautiful, this solo is danced by the Russian ballerina, Diana Vishneva. This solo is the second section out of a three part work called Picarte, which was initially called F.L.O.W. (For the Love of Women). It was choreographed for her by Moses Pendleton who was inspired for this piece by three artists; Picasso, Caravaggio and Erte. Thus he combined their names to create the new title Picate. Pendleton, a former member of Pilobolus Dance Company, is the [...]

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  • Duo de “Lecuona”, espetáculo do Grupo Corpo

    Duo de “Lecuona”, espetáculo do Grupo Corpo

    This duet is a whirlwind of hot and intense passion from a work called “Lecuona”, choreographed by Rodrigo Pedereiras, founder and choreographer of the Brazilian company, Grupo Corpo. The dancers are artists from the company and the music that is used for the entire ballet are love songs created by the Cuban composer Ernesto Lecuona. Lecuona is considered to be the Western equivalent to Gershwin. The whole ballet is a reconstruction of a Latin Ballroom competition, that is based from [...]

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  • LaLaLa Human Steps – Velazquez’s Little Museum 2/6

    LaLaLa Human Steps – Velazquez’s Little Museum 2/6

    This video is part 2/6 of the film featuring Eduard Lock’s choreography in Velazquez’s Little Museum. This video includes two duets danced by dancers from LaLaLa Human Steps. Louise Le Cavalier dances in both but I don’t know the names of the other two dancers. This video shows some of my favorite scenes in the film. This section shows the young woman, danced by Louise Le Cavalier, entering the museum where we see some of Velazquez’s paintings hanging on the [...]

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  • Déjà vu, Nederlands dans Theater, Coreografia Hans van Manen. parte 1 de 2

    Déjà vu, Nederlands dans Theater, Coreografia Hans van Manen. parte 1 de 2

    Pristine and elegant this pas de deux called “Deja Vu”, is danced by Rani Luther and Gustavo Ramirez Sansano, dance artists of Nederlands Dans Theatre II. The piece is choreographed by Hans Van Manen and the music is composed by Arvo Part called “Frates”. Hans Van Manen is a Dutch choreographer who has choreographed for both the Nederlands Dans Theatre and Dutch National Ballet. He has choreographed works for various companies internationally including the Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre. Van Manen’s [...]

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