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  • Stravinsky Rite of Spring “Opening”

    Stravinsky Rite of Spring “Opening”

    Here is the opening section of the Rite of Spring choreographed by Pina Bausch, music by Stravinsky. One of many versions, but one I particularly love. Danced in earth, feet bare, women in simple skin toned dresses; evoke a powerful interplay of primal forces. Feminine vulnerability and fear of death against a backdrop of brutal power through masculine physical strength. You can “smell” the fear as it spreads virally through the group. The terror is palpable and so is the [...]

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  • minus 16

    minus 16

    Exciting with great punch! This piece is a part from a work called “Minus 16” choreographed by Ohad Naharin for the Batsheva Dance Company. It has had tremendous success and is now being performed by companies around the world. In this video it is performed by dancers from the 1T Danza project of the Theatre Institute of Barcelona. I had the great fortune seeing the Batsheva Dance Company perform the whole work live, and I was blown away, absolutely riveted [...]

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  • Moon – Solo Dance by Yang LiPing

    Moon – Solo Dance by Yang LiPing

    Here is a beautiful solo by Chinese dancer Yang LiPing, contemporary to me in its rich abstract and minimal vocabulary of a quality rarely seen. I find her movement so elegant, sensual and exquisitely expressive. I am enchanted by her and her story. The contrasts in the image and movements are strong and sharp emphisized by her magical and some what whimsical silhouette. I love her big boots in contrast to her light and willowy figure, which ground her to the [...]

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  • FLESH by Iván Pérez

    FLESH by Iván Pérez

    Enjoy the clips from Ivan Perez’s Contemporary Ballet, FLESH. The movements have a simplicity and cleanliness that come so easily with good contact dance. The ease of creative weight bearing and shifting of the dancers bodies produces a gorgeous flow, seamless as water as they melt and mold together. Also, check out the reflections of the ensemble clips, where the dancers are reflected in what appears to be “black ice”…. Stunning!!! Watch these beautiful dancers and share it with your [...]

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  • L’alphabet des corps

    L’alphabet des corps

    L’alphabet des corps is a video made up of still photographs showing how two dancers are able to create alphabet letters with their bodies. Far from being hokey, the pics are amazing, showing gravity defying strength and form of the dancers bodies. Wonderful how the bodies entwine, support and extend each other…. Beautiful sculptured recreations! Enjoy and show your friends!

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  • LabArt dance company | NEMESIS

    LabArt dance company | NEMESIS

    Enjoy this short montage of selected scenes from NEMESIS, choreographed by Marco Auggiero and performed by LabArts Contemporary Dance Company. I find the dancing from the different scenes most interesting and I really appreciate how strong and grounded the dancers are. Choreographically I really love how Auggiero has made use of sculpturing the dancer’s bodies. Very Beautiful to watch. I would like to see the whole ballet in it’s entirety someday. Hope you enjoy the snippets as well…. And pass it on!

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  • Perfect – Contemporary

    Perfect – Contemporary

    A great example of popular contemporary dance, danced by two dancers I don’t know. But I was really impressed by their performance. I enjoyed not only their strong technique but that they imbued it with so much feeling; a rough and raw driving passion from beginning to end. Well danced by two people who show a great passion and love of dance! Enjoy the “show” and pass it on!

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  • Nacho Duato: Africa Guzman-Alejandro Alvarez-Compañía

    Nacho Duato: Africa Guzman-Alejandro Alvarez-Compañía

    Here is an excerpt from Nacho Duato’s “Multiplicity. Forms of Silence and Emptiness” which is a ballet about Bach’s life.. It is danced by Africa Guzman and Alejandro Alvarez with the Compania Nacional de Danza. Music by J. Sebastian Bach Here is a lovely duet showing Bach playing his “cello”. I have often wondered what it would look like if a cello were to come alive as it is being played. This is a wonderful interpretation of such a fantasy! [...]

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  • SwanSong – Vickie Fagan

    SwanSong – Vickie Fagan

    Fun and entertaining is this short dance film we are presenting today that was created by one of Contemporary Dance Video fans, Vickie Fagan. Vickie Fagan was a dancer trained at the National Ballet School of Canada and is now working as a Canadian film maker. We are pleased to be presenting one of her shorts that is based on a popular dance theme…Swans! The short film is called, SwanSong, a humorous account of two misplaced swans that are both [...]

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